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  HQ Online Terms and Conditions  

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all subscribers of HQ Online Subscriptions from MCOL. By participating as a subscriber, Subscribers agree to the following:

I. Annual Payment, Renewal and Effective Dates

Subscriptions require annual payment to remain in effect. Subscriptions become effective upon receipt of payment, and will remain in effect for one year from the effective date, unless otherwise specified by MCOL.  Subscribers will receive confirmation notice upon their original effective date. Subscribers will receive notice and invoice to renew in advance of the annual renewal payment date. 

II. Cancellation Policy

Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. However, refunds will only be issued for cancelled subscriptions as follows:

  1. Subscribers may obtain a full refund less a $25 processing fee for any reason if subscription is cancelled within five (5) days of the effective date. 
  2. Subscribers may obtain a 50% refund if they cancel for any reason between the sixth and thirtieth day from their effective date. .

MCOL may cancel a Subscription if Subscriber is found by MCOL to have violated the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.  

III. Title

MCOL holds full and complete title to the Subscription Data, regardless of the media or form on or in which the original subscription data may exist. This license does not constitute a sale of the Subscription Data, only a non-exclusive grant of license.

IV. Individual Subscription Use

Except for Corporate Subscriptions as set forth below, the Subscriber is permitted by MCOL individually access the HealthQuest Subscription web site, and is not permitted to share their username/password access to the HealthQuest Subscription web site with other individuals.   

V. Corporate Subscription Use

Corporate Subscriptions must meet the following terms of eligibility:

  1. Corporate Subscriptions are only available to single organizations.
  2. Associations or other groups of separate organizations may not combine for one Corporate Subscription.
  3. The employees to be covered under a Corporate Subscription must be one or more entire office locations within an organization, or one or more entire departments within an organization.
  4. An organization does not have to cover all of their employees under a Corporate Subscription, as long as they cover one or more entire office locations or departments.

The annual price of the Corporate Subscription is based upon the number of covered employees according to the above eligibility requirements. 

One common username and password is supplied for Subscription web site access, with security set to allow simultaneous usage by covered employees with the username account. The organization may select its unique username and password The password may require periodic changing, upon request from MCOL. Covered employees are not permitted to share their username/password access to the HealthQuest Subscription web site with other individuals not covered under the Corporate Subscription.

VI. Copyright

This Subscription Web Site Content is protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions. You must treat said Content and CD-ROM like any other copyrighted material, with reproduction and access to content limited to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

VI Assignment and Other Restrictions

You may not rent or lease Subscription to third parties. You may permanently transfer and assign this Subscription to a third party, provided the party agrees to the terms of this Agreement, and you retain no access to Subscription data.

VII. Limited Warranty

MCOL warrants Subscription will perform substantially in accordance as described in www.healthquestpublishers.com, that the subscription web site will generally be available for use by Subscriber except for occasional down-time and periodic maintenance.

VIII. Subscriber Remedies

Subscribers may obtain cancel subscriptions and obtain refunds as set forth in section II above. Subscribers that experience MCOL-caused web site down time or other MCOL system wide loss of functionality exceeding one-hour per incident and not attributable to  Subscriber-specific client-end problems, may submit written request for one additional day be added to their annual subscription period before renewal for each documented incident, subject to verification by MCOL and not to exceed one day per the date of incident regardless of the number of incidents that occurred during that day.

IX. No other Warranties

MCOL disclaims all other warranties, either express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to Subscription.

X Other Provisions

  1. Governing Law. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California.

  2. Notices. Notices to MCOL regarding provisions of this Agreement should be mailed to: MCOL, 1101 Standiford Ave., Suite C-3, Modesto, CA 95350.


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